Choose Wisely

First of all, let’s try defining what a product is. A product is defined as any form of  item or service you sell to satisfy the need or want of a customer. 

How do you pick a product or service you might want to offer? Sometimes you can struggle with it and may not even be sure where to take off from. Take a look at what you are lacking in your life at the very moment, that’s a problem, think of ways you can solve that problem. You will find ideas and opportunities that you can dive into to choose the product or service you want to offer.

Countless businesses have found success by merely looking at the inconveniences or frustrating items they dealt with and worked to make that problem go away.

Product development refers to going through the complete process of taking a product to market. It includes renewing an existing product, trying to and introduce an old product to the market in a new way. It leads to one researching on identifying the needs on the market, form a concept of the product, build the product, launch the product, and also collect feedback.

Before you invest in any kind of serious business and invest time and money into developing a product, you need to do a bit of research before you fully launch out. You need to be sure that some interested buyers would buy your new service or product.

After conducting a research if people are not willing to give money if your product were to hit the market, it’s not worth developing it. This actually helps eliminate a lot of weak ideas. If no one is interested enough to say they would pay an amount for it, don’t waste your time and resources creating the product or service.

You then have to plan out cost and practicality. Feasibility must be discussed after having many ideas. Take into consideration the cost of developing the product or service, the investment needed, the time and development in creating the product, the business model and what you will charge for the product or services.

Keep on innovating to keep thriving. Do not settle for comfortable, instead continue pursuing new avenues, develop new products, and still keep pushing to improve.

Lesson Learnt

We should not get to the point where we feel we have accomplished much and therefore we need to slow down, rather we should learn to keep pushing, innovating and recreating to get the customers or clients yearning for more of the product or services.