Do You Have A Business Idea?

Coming up with a business idea is one of the important steps one cannot ignore when starting a business from scratch.

With some people, coming up with ideas is an easy task for them while with others it is almost impossible but all the same to succeed in business, we must have an idea about the business we want to start. 

The author of the book “Where Good Ideas Come From”, Steve Johnson, believes that a person is more likely to develop great ideas when the person explores and experiments in different areas, when the person allows ideas to develop slowly, over a period f time, when the person decides to explore and open to the idea of serendipitous connections, when the person makes mistakes, when the person is able to look for new uses for old inventions and also when one is able to build on platforms that have come before by making them better.

In order to come up with great ideas for business, always:

  • Come up with business ideas that solve problems. One of the easiest way to come up with great business ideas is to solve problems you have personally not forgetting to also look into solving the problems of others. When this is done, it makes an individual think out of the box. Sit back for a while and think about some of the daily products we use. Most of these products we are using were actually invented to solve a problem. A typical example is the toothbrush we use every morning, it was invented to solve a problem of helping an individual brush his or her teeth to have clean teeth and fresh breath.
  • Get good at identifying problems. Actually, you start having fun and start enjoying the journey once you come to a realization that your own frustration and the frustration of others is an idea in the making that will eventually lead to a start of a great business.

  • Think ahead by solving things that may end up becoming problems. Thinking ahead and out of the box will always lead to great and fantastic ideas. Think of problems that are likely to exist in the near future and solve them by so doing, you will be cracking up your brain for fantastic, fresh, untouched ideas.

  • Learn to adapt to needs that are evolving. Always have it in mind that one of the easiest products to market are the products that meet real needs.

  • Figure out how to save people money and you will be on your way of having a great idea for business.

  • Make the lives of people easier.

  • Make things that feel like a task less and less unpleasant.

  • Fulfil a need.

  • Have more experience and copy from successful people.

  • Turn your passion or your hobby into business so you can enjoy while at it.

Lesson Learnt

Our passion and hobbies are things we naturally love and enjoy doing and in order to think big and out of the box, we must enjoy the problem we will be thinking about and how to solve it. From the onset, to have a successful business, even the idea we think about should be something we enjoy and love doing.