Choosing A Business Name

Thinking and getting an idea is very important but it also important to choose an appropriate business name.

  • Should be easy to remember, easy to spell. The name that will be chosen should be easy to go with by all and we must try and avoid very long names when choosing a name for business.


  • Visual element is needed. Having a logo or any form of visual element attached to the name has a way of making potential customers aware of the product which serves as advertisement. It will help customers remember the name of the company easily. business name should have a visual element. Colors will also be an important component of your business logo and promotional materials, as well as your website.

  • Brands should have a positive connection. Words have literal and emotional meaning and brands should have a positive meaning. Choose suitable words that have positive connotations that help describe the business you are operating.

  • Add information about what the business does. Always get a name that depicts what you are up to, it is a practical way to define your brand and makes it easy for customers who are interested to find your product.

  • Keep the name short. Do you want customers to be able to remember the name, spell it and tell others about it? Then keep it fairly short.

Finally protect your business name by registering the name. Registering the business name or making the name official helps protect your business in the long run and this does not make others rise up to claim ownership of your business.

Lesson Learnt

To make it easy for customers to remember the name that we choose for business, though it has to be unique, we must learn to keep it short and make it something that is easy for all to spell. Having a good name for a business is as important as having a good idea because a good name also counts in the success journey of the business.