Plan The Workload And The Team Size

Workload can be defined as the amount of work an individual has to do. There is a difference between the actual amount of work and the individual’s perception of the workload.

Whereas team size is said to be  a group of people who work together to accomplish a set goal or objective beyond their personal interests.

There are various effective ways to organize and have the most effective team to help achieve the institution’s aims and objectives. These include hierarchy structure, functional structure, matrix structure, process based structure, circular structure, flat structure, network organizational structure, product focused divisional structure, market focused divisional structure, geographical divisional structure and among others.

Let’s take a quick look at the hierarchy structure. A hierarchical structure is the main structure of almost every single organizational structures. It is normally organized into a pyramid-like structure, with executives, directors, managers, and employees in order from the highest level to the lowest in the chain. The hierarchical structure is one of the most structures that is known to be widely used and ends up bringing about distinct boundaries between team members. Many organizations use the traditional hierarchy structure, though there are many variations you can choose from. The process-based and circular structure, is said to be a similar hierarchy but are they are all seen in different ways.

This structure works best when the report structure that has been put in place is straightforward, focus on the carrier path and focuses on specialties within an individual position.

This approach is known as a universal approach which most of the organizations use.

Lesson Learnt

Learn to carefully chose the best teamwork approach to help the organization achieve her aims and obiectives.