Do You Know Trevor Noah?

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Do You Know Trevor Noah?

BB Meets Africa Jun 09, 2021


Do You Know Trevor Noah?

By BB Meets Africa the :

Trevor Noah is a well known international stand-up comedian who was born in Soweto, South Africa on February 20, 1984, to a Black Xhosa mother and a white Swiss-German father. His parent’s union was illegal because of the country’s apartheid system, which officially sponsored racial oppression and segregation. Though his parents tried to conduct their relationship in secret, Noah’s mother was frequently jailed for short periods of time and Noah would often be hidden from authorities. Some of his experiences he had growing up, included the deep poverty his family endured, which became the subject of Noah’s comedic work, which often looked at the racial dynamics of his native country.

Noah appeared in a soap opera in his late teens. He was dared by his friends which lead him to take the comedy stage. His friends noticed that he could speak several languages, about six languages fluently and imitate accents fluently.

The South African Music Awards hosted Noah’s one man show known as “The Daywalker” which was also filmed as a documentary. Little did he know that he was on his way to becoming an International stand-up star. He performed in the United States, had an opportunity to be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and that made Noah the first South African comedian to appear on the program. He later held his own comedy special on Showtime.

Noah maintained his focus over the years and worked hard at what he was doing. He was appointed as the host of “The Daily Show” in February 2015 and Noah still has his position as the host till date.

Noah dated model Jordan Taylor for about three years and the relationship had to come to an end. Trevor is currently dating Minka Kelly and the two are happy in their serious relationship.

Trevor Noah – Inspirational Quotes

  • You Have To Focus On The Right People

You have to find the people that are for you because, whatever you are doing, you are not trying to make it for everyone, you are making it for the people that are for you. If you focus on the people that are blocking you, you won’t have enough time enjoying the people that are for you.

  • Hard Work Cannot Be Separated From Success

Hard work and success sustained go hand in hand. When you work on the things you love, you do not take anything for granted, you realize that, most challenges don’t feel like obstacles, most days don’t feel like work and most successes feel in many ways like a reward for doing what I had to do.


We have to learn to focus on the right people by creating a good environment around us and having likeminded people who will not serve as a source of distraction but rather a source of encouragement especially in difficult times or times when we fail and need to rise up again to do better than before.

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